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Jack Swink's blog

If All the Allegations of Overbilling, Overpaying & Lying Are True.....

If all the allegations of overbilling by the city attorney's office, the overpaying by the city and the allegations that Jerry Canfield lied about such are all proven to be true, what's next?  Will there be resignations?  Will there be prosecutions?  Will all this bring about a more transparent form of city government in Fort Smith?  Will the idea of more elected positions catch on and replace appointed positions?  Will Fort Smith then decide to follow other nearby growth cities and have an elected CEO type mayor, an elected city attorney, an elected city clerk and possibly more?  It is the

Allegations Are City Attorney Jerry Canfield Lied About Phone Calls.

And the question is, Is Ray

Gosack satisfied with Jerry Canfield's Responses?

Do All Board Members Support the Over billing and Overpaying As A Normal Course of Business, or Will Any Board Member Act on Behalf of the Working Folks and Demand a Real Investigation?

Incidentally, the FBI is presently investigating Corruption Allegations against West Fork City Officials.

If Allegations of Overbilling & Overpaying Are True, We Have A Very Serious Problem!

If the allegations are true, of any person, the city administrator, director of accounting, or anyone in the city attorney's office, is guilty of illegal activity, in regards to taxpayer's money, should not only resign, but be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

What Does Character, Subpoenas, Depositions & Anniversaries Have In Common?

The Prepared Food Tax.  June 6th will be the 3rd anniversary of Fort Smith's city administrator using police in big black SUVs to deliver subpoenas to 32 good, decent folks during his attempt to force a 1% Prepared Food Tax onto the people of Fort Smith without the people having a voice.  The police delivered the subpoenas to the 32 upstanding citizens in front of their families and their neighbors.  The only thing these 32 people were guilty of, was collecting names on petitions for the right to vote and overturn the forced 1% tax the city administrator was forcing onto the community.  The

Does FS's City Administrator form Better Serve the People?

All the nearby, growing Arkansas cities have one thing in common that Fort Smith doesn't have, well two things.  They all have strong, double digit growth and a Mayor/Council form of government, meaning the person in charge is ACCOUNTABLE to the people.  Fort Smith has a city administrator form of government who is not elected by the people and is NOT ACCOUNTABLE to the people.  Which do you truly believe better serves the people?

Did Don Hutchings Really Represent the People or City Hall?

I wasn't going to comment on TCW article about Don Hutchings seeking to return to the Board, but after he shared the article on his Facebook page, I decided, enough is enough and to comment my thoughts.  Although the comments were deleted from his page, I placed them again and again, each time deleted, but I feel if Don is going to run the people should know his record, so I'm posting the same comments here that have been deleted on his Facebook page, so here goes:

Conv Center, A&P, Wichita Falls & Softball Questions

Observer & A Business Friendly City"

It sounds as though "Observer" is having a recurring problem defining "Business Friendly".  Wouldn't one think being "business friendly" as only an extension of being friendly on a personal or individual level?

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, Fort Smith & Personal Freedoms

Phil Robertson, the "Duck Dynasty" patriach, has been a major topic lately, not only in mainstream media, but social media as well.  On Dec 18th, the A&E Network stated they were suspending Phil for remarks he made in a magazine article.  One Dec 19th, I stated on my "Facebook" page, "the Liberal Progressives have picked the wrong boy this time."  One Dec 21, Cracker Barrel restaurants pulled "Duck Dynasty" merchandise they felt might be offensive to their customers.  Well, on Dec 22nd the backlash began and apparently, A&E is seeking to reinstate Phil Robertson onto the show and Cr

Directors, Why Additional Franchise Tax & Liquor Fees?

Get ready for the City Directors, the City Administrator and the Mayor to increase franchise taxes on items like electric and gas utility bills, TV cable and phone bills to help the Fraternal Order of Police obtain a little more money to spend in their 2014 budget year.  Sure the city leaders are saying how they are planning to reduce the FSPD budget for 2014, but why raise taxes and add additional fees to the working folks, who already have the lowest median household incomes compared to yes, Fayetteville and Jonesboro?  FSPD's budget is already higher than Fayetteville or Jonesboro, the n


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