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Talk Turkey to Me!

It is that season when everyone is talking turkey as in Thanksgiving turkey dinner and all the trimmings.  It's all about the food until we take pause and think about the good people in our lives.  That is when the true meaning of thanksgiving should creep into the middle of our heads and hearts and make us filled with gratitude. 

The Dead Truth

We are all terminal. That is the dead truth.

My family is full of pranksters. You never know if someone is teasing or telling the truth. We frequently ask each other, "Is that the dead truth?" Non-sugar coated facts = the death truth. 

During the month of October, all the pink is pretty but I wonder if all the fun of bringing awareness to breast cancer is overshadowing the dead truth about breast cancer.

Waiting to Exhale

"How long do I have to live?" 

The reply was, "You have months if the radiation therapy doesn't work." Imagine the feeling of hearing those words. I don't have to imagine, I've lived it. 

A brain MRI taken the first of May revealed that there were a few brain metastasis. Seeing the spots took my breath away. I handled it like a trooper as I held my breath.

True Love

Is love that warm feeling a person has about another person? According to the Bible, love is caring in action. Love isn't what we feel, but what we do.  Love is a decision not a feeling.  Ponder on that for a few minutes. 

Love ain't always easy.  In fact it is work laced with patience much of the time.  Words like unconditional and sacrificial are demonstrated on the journey to having true lasting love.

Tough Love ....... I Hated It

People asked me almost daily, how do I fight cancer with such an amazing attitude? That question got me to thinking. I thought there was no other choice, but I see in observing others fight a disease or dealing with a personal issue that there is always a choice. So the following is my analysis of how I got my "amazing" attitude.

Prayed to Write a Book

Writing a book has been a dream I've had for years.

Lots of things kept me from getting started. Mainly, confidence that anyone would ever want to read my book. Then it hit me, I care more about the accomplishment of writing a book than if it is published and read. I admire authors. The time and devotion to pulling together words that turns out on pages in a book is an amazing talent that I always wanted to develop.

Prayed to Inspire with Words

There I was a 28 years old new mother and living in a big city with no friends but a horse farm to keep up which included 15 acres to bush hog each week.   Ear plugs in place, I mowed and tuned in to tapes of motivational speakers.  I listened to a bunch of them over an entire summer!  They inspired me to learn how to perfect the power of the spoken word.  So I signed me up to be my own student by listening to the best. 

Four Prayers and More!

June 2012 - My breast cancer battle advanced and so did my prayers.

Naturally, I asked to be healed - cancer free.  That would be a miracle.  I do believe that all things are possible.

However, I took pause and thought....really what would I wish for if I could have only four wishes.  The answer bubbled up out of my soul with such ease.

I am my Father's Daugther

Staring back at me was the spitting image of my Father.

Summer 2005, Dad appeared in the mirror early one morning just days after I lost my hair.  I never knew that I looked so much like my Dad.  It took no make-up, wire rimmed glasses and a bald head to achieve the George Redden look.  I must say it was a little shocking to go from being a fairly attractive forty-seven year old female to looking like a seventy year old man.  But I proudly embraced the look.  I think my Dad is a handsome man.

Kick in the Butt

I have one friend who really pushes me. Kelly Cruise


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