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Gas prices

Why are gasoline prices in Fort Smith 30 cent to 40 cents a gallon higher than they are in Central Arkansas(Conway,Little Rock, Hot Springs)?

Who is running our government?

Politicians want to cut Social Security! Why don't they stop tax loophole for the rich and big corporations instead? Read this and thought I would share: "Facebook made $1.1 billion in profits. But thanks to some nifty accounting, the company won't be paying any federal or state taxes on it — instead; it will actually be receiving a federal tax refund of about $429 million." One of our most successful new companies is not paying a dime in taxes. Yes, let's please cut Medicare and Social Security. That's the thing that's broken.

Mercy or Not?

It never seems to amaze me about Mercy of Fort Smith. They have fired or let go 7-12 long term employees in the last year or two. They just let another long term employee go in the last couple of weeks. When will it end? I'm talking about employees that have been with St. Edwards 30 to 38 years of service. I know that my daughter in law  works there and their health insurance is terrible compared to few years ago. They require you to see Mercy doctors to be covered under their plan.

Mercy or Not?

Mercy Fort Smith is turning away ER patients if they have none life threaten injuries.  I understand what the function of a ER are but the spin Mercy is spinning I don't agree with. They said they refer the walkins to another clinic or the people have to pay a $150.00 fee to be seen at the ER. What they don't say is all other clinics are not going to treat without $100.00 to $150.00 up front charge. What does the name Mercy imply? compassion? They are a non-profit hospital but please don't ask them for some charity. They are money hungry..

Is it true

  Is it true the Fort Smith Police Department is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice ?

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