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Significant internal corporate changes in management and structure within the Walmart U.S. division is an obvious sign that execs at Bentonville-based Wal-Mart Stores are serious about maximizing better comp sales through their small store formats.

Wed, 10/08/2014 - 7:49pm

The 2014 fiscal year is shaping up to be another record year for Tyson Foods thanks to potential gains from rising meat prices and the $8.5 billion purchase of Hillshire Brands.

Wed, 10/08/2014 - 4:03pm

On day one as governor, Mike Ross would have state agencies review regulations that are more than three years old to see if they are still needed or if they were ever needed. Asa Hutchinson would contact half a dozen companies to see if they would consider coming to Arkansas.

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 9:35pm

The Fort Smith Board of Directors approved a resolution during its regularly scheduled Tuesday (Oct. 7) meeting that expresses a desire to restart negotiations with the United States Department of Justice regarding compliance with the federal Clean Water Act.

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 8:15pm

The city of Fort Smith is facing a coming insolvency of its police and fire retirement contribution fund as early as 2019, but there are no plans to address the continually declining fund balance in this year's budget cycle as the city looks to possible solutions in future years, which could invo

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 7:25pm

Same sex couples are now able to receive marriage licenses in most counties across the state of Oklahoma following the United States Supreme Court's decision Monday (Oct.

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 6:59pm

The paper check was once the most used form of currency by consumers at retail counters, but the times are changing rapidly. Whole Foods recently announced as of Sept.

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 4:35pm

Four years ago, business and community leaders in Northwest Arkansas put forth a five-year plan to set the region on a path to greater prosperity. Mission nearly accomplished, at least so much that eyes have turned to developing a three-year plan aimed at building on recent successes.

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 4:12pm

Faced with insurance costs that could rise $500 million in the fiscal year, Wal-Mart Stores announced Tuesday (Oct. 7) plans to stop offering health insurance for an estimated 26,000 U.S. employees who work less than 30 hours a week.

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 3:53pm

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster, R-Penn., journeyed to Northwest Arkansas and the Fort Smith regions on Monday (Oct. 6) to have a first hand look at infrastructure needs in Arkansas' third Congressional district.

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 8:40pm

Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon took a bold stance earlier this year when he told the world he would push the envelope toward innovation to drive future growth and improve its sustainability record in the process.

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 7:45pm

County judges and sheriffs are pushing for a special session to deal with jail reimbursements for state inmates, but Gov. Mike Beebe and at least one key state lawmaker are unconvinced a special session will fix the problem.

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 7:22pm

Pensions for police officers and firefighters in Fort Smith are costing the city of Fort Smith large sums of money each year. And the city fund responsible for paying into the system is projected to go broke sometime in 2019.

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 5:21pm

To John McCutcheon, co-owner of Polytech Plastic Molding in Prairie Grove, the idea of contracting for a chaplaincy program for his employees is “without question worth every penny.”

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 4:56pm

Wal-Mart’s goal to save people money does not end with the cost and pricing of goods sold in their stores. The retail giant continues to spread its wings in the service industry by announcing Monday (Oct.

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 3:15pm

Democratic candidate for governor Mike Ross recently unveiled a “Fair Pay & Equal Opportunity Plan” he said is meant to correct disparities in pay between men and women.

Sun, 10/05/2014 - 8:08pm

About 100 people will have a new place to call their work home Monday while others needing orthopedic care will have that care closer to home following the dedication Friday (Oct. 3) of the new Mercy Orthopedic Hospital in Fort Smith.

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 5:06pm

National Manufacturing Day has been a chance to promote the sector and lobby for renewed interest in making stuff in the U.S.A., but for a group of Junior High students from Fort Smith the day included “weird angles,” math and career options.

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 4:38pm

Necessary but often frustrating road work, significant investments in downtown areas, important quality of life improvements and workforce training are essential elements of the ongoing transformation of Northwest Arkansas, according to area mayors.

Thu, 10/02/2014 - 7:23pm


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