Latest Survey Results!!!!!!!

Hey Guys and Gals, here are the latest numbers from my survey about the survey:


1. The Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce is working on economic development for the region. What is the best way to attract and keep new businesses to the area?

  • Conduct a survey among local residents about the region 5.3%
  • Hire a consultant to write a report 0.0%
  • Actually do the work to attract companies 94.7%

2. If you selected "Conduct a survey..." what would be the best way to go about this?

  • Hire a consultant to write the survey questions 12.5%
  • Conduct a survey to see if the region needs a survey 25.0%
  • Hire a consultant to hire a firm to write a report on how to conduct a survey 12.5%
  • Have a monkey scribble questions down to create the report 50.0%

3. If you answered "Hire a Consultant to write a report", what should the city and chamber do with the report?

  • Tell everyone how great the report is 11.1%
  • Put the report in a back closet 11.1%
  • Ignore the report and the consultants analysis 11.1%
  • Hire another consultant to make another report 88.9%

4. If you answered "actually do economic development work", which of the following best describe your feelings on this subject:

  • Wait! We don't have a survey! 0.0%
  • Wait! Shouldn't we hire a consultant first! 0.0%
  • Why should we do that? 11.1%
  • Screw it, lets go drinking instead. 88.9%

I think I will close it the end of the week, so vote now!

Thanks, City Wire!


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I think this is in bad taste Monty

Research is an important part of not getting anything done. It should be respected and funded to prevent things from happening without paying for all college funds of the children of the researchers and consultants. If we were to just do things without researching them first it might lead to unpredictable results, and I for one would prefer a predictable lack of results to an unknown anything. I think I'm going to go research what I might eat for lunch now. Maybe I should do a survey of where to eat. Any Suggestions.

Tasty Tidbits

Bad taste is better than no taste at all. As to anything unknown, tis far better to know nothing than to know what ain't so. Suggest you have lunch alone or better yet, brown-bag it. People like you should always eat alone, so as not to be exposed to rational thought patterns that could lead to predictable conclusions. Perhaps seppuku should be on your menu.

Research? Yes. To Death, No

There was an extensive strategy report (Tips report) done fairly recently that should more than serve the needs on how to go about economic development. Its time now to just DO economic development, not study it again. Besides, most of the questions in the Chamber survey were very basic demographic stuff and things that are already known. Waste of time for everyone, IMHO I'm fond of Goodsons and Arts BBQ for lunch.


the cheeseburger at goodsons is pretty good if you are able to "eat the whole thing" including the fries! georges, always had a good burger too, and thats why I can't stand any mention of a hamburger TAX!

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