No flying shoes at reception for City Director

The city of Fort Smith held a reception prior to Tuesday’s (Dec. 16) city board meeting to honor City Director Rick Parrish, who ends 12 years as a city director. 

Parrish, an accountant, lost his re-election bid to Don Hutchings, a pastor at Evangel Temple in Fort Smith.

Fort Smith Mayor Ray Baker thanked Parrish for his service. Parrish, in approaching Baker during the service, pretended to nervously glance around the room.

“I’m watching for shoes,” Parrish said, which resulted in a roar of laughter from the audience. The shoe reference, obviously, referred to the recent incident in which an Iraqi journalist threw shoes at President George Bush.

“I want to tell you I appreciate the 12 years with most of you,” Parrish said with a grin.

State Rep.-elect Stephanie Malone, R-Fort Smith, (left) visits with outgoing Fort Smith City Director Rick Parrish.

The crowd gathers for the reception for Parrish.

City Administrator Dennis Kelly (left) and Ken Pyle, director of the Fort Smith Housing Authority, visit during the reception.

Frankie Hamilton, director of the Fort Smith Convention Center (left), and Parrish.


City Directors Cole Goodman (left), Andre Good (center) and Ken Pyle share a laugh during the reception.



Wally Bailey, (right) director of planning for the city, walks the food line at the reception.

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Rick Parrish - great representation

I regret not having been able to attend the reception for my ward director Rick Parrish. I’ve lived in his ward for 10 of the 12 years he served, and he has truly been representative of my concerns. I will miss his work on my behalf and his responses to my many comments.Thanks for everything, Rick!

Thanks for everything?

Dear Rober M:Please describe, list and itemize the "everything."  Did you take care of  R the P as he took care of you?  Or are you from another planet?Regards, Janet