Catsavis, Lorenz win; trash vote wins big

story by Aric Mitchell

The Fort Smith Board of Directors welcomed one new member and saved a seat for one of its own Tuesday night (Nov. 6) during the General Election, while voters overwhelmingly approved citywide trash automation.

City Director George Catsavis and candidate Mike Lorenz captured the two seats with victories against John Cooley and Matt Garner, respectively.

Catsavis had a tougher time with Cooley, who came within 70 votes of unseating the incumbent. Final vote tallies showed 4,530 votes for Catsavis (50.38%) and 4,461 votes for Cooley (49.62%).

Lorenz earned a bit more support with 3,986 votes (55.95%) to 3,138 for Garner (44.05%).

“Incredible,” Catsavis said. “I don’t know what else to say. I expected it to be close because they pumped so much resources into it. I was outspent three to one. Outmanned. But people kept saying to me, ‘Hang in there and don’t give up,’ and that’s what I did.”

Lorenz described his victory as “exciting.”

“I’m glad to see that many people put their trust in me to take that next step and do the job for them. I’ve really had a good day. I spent a lot of time at the polling places. We had volunteers at each place meeting and greeting people. I felt good going into tonight, and it came out the way I wanted it to,” Lorenz said.

Lorenz said the “first thing” he wanted to look in to changing were “some of the roadblocks to doing business here.” He also wants to “try to mesh the board better and fix some of the fragmentation that’s there.”

“We’ve all got to work together, and if we do, we can do good things,” Lorenz added.

Cooley was not available for comment on the losing side, but Garner said that he wanted to congratulate Lorenz.

“Second, I am very proud of the campaign we ran. With the resources we had, I think we did awesome. We ran a campaign that cost less than a quarter of one of the Ward 4 campaigns. Being fiscally responsible and living within budget is all something we can appreciate.”

On the automated trash initiative, the vote wasn’t even close.

Those for the initiative championed by petitioner Joel Culberson to move the entire city of Fort Smith to curbside automated showed up in droves, casting more than 20,000 votes in favor.

“I’m pleased to be a part of a citizen initiated matter. It’s a reminder of how one person can make a difference and of how we can come together for a common good,”

Culberson said. “I appreciate the receptiveness of voters to the issue and look forward to seeing the automated trash issue finalized and automated collection throughout the city becoming a reality.”

Out of 25,791 votes cast, only 5,261 were in opposition.

Also Tuesday night, Craig Hamilton and Lee Johnson claimed spots on the Greenwood City Council with more than 1,700 votes each.


Hamilton earned 1,742 votes to 1,521 for opponent Rod Powell.

Johnson was victorious with 1,740 votes against 1,596 for opponent Robert B. Hicks.

In the race for Greenwood City Clerk and Treasurer, Sharla Spoon captured 2,318 votes (68%) to defeat candidate Elysa Turner, who earned just 31% of the vote with 1,052 votes.

As of 1:30 a.m., no results had been reported from Crawford County for the Van Buren City Council races.

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Catsavis: This is a wake up call

George, you won the last election by a landslide. Wasn't even close. This one you had to hold your breath until the last set of votes came in. You've made a lot of people in your ward mad with your micromanagement of the garbage and many other departments and meddling in areas that aren't in your ward. it's time to focus on your constituents and improving Fort Smith as a whole, and not catering to neighborhoods not in your ward. To the whole board. Don't micromanage. The resounding beating you took in that trash vote (and trust me, that was a proxy vote on the confidence level of the board as a whole)combined with the recent survey that you were all "shocked" that people think you are doing a bad job should be a wake up call for you all to quit the meddling and get to work on improving the quality of life in Fort Smith, aggressively doing everything you can to get new and diverse jobs here, and clean up the city mess that is the accounting issues. Too much money being lost because poor records are being kept.

Winning is what counts...

Director Catsavis may have sweated this one out but he still won despite facing an excellent candidate with a serious set of skills and being outspent 3-1. At least give the man his due and stop pretending that he was given the seat as a gift. He campaigned and got more votes. Do not be a hater. To the Board, its like beating a dead horse. Until certain members are gone, nothing will change. Watch this budget season, same old worn out questions and nothing will happen. To the future agenda, stop pretending you can create jobs. You cannot. You can create a better business friendly environment but you cannot create jobs. The next wave of better candidates is needed in 2 years. Progress has been made with Lau and Lorenz. Its not enough. 3 seats come up and 3 new people are needed.