AG McDaniel admits to ‘inappropriate’ relationship

story by Roby Brock, a TCW content partner and owner of Talk Business 

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel (D) said he had an “inappropriate” “limited interaction” with a Hot Springs attorney in 2011, but details of an alleged affair are limited.

McDaniel, who is term-limited as Attorney General, has already declared he will be a candidate for Governor in 2014.

The revelation is part of an ongoing domestic dispute in Garland County Circuit Court between Andrea L. “Andi” Davis and her estranged husband, Frederick N. “Fred” Day, two Hot Springs residents involved in a divorce and child custody case.

Davis is an attorney. Day is a podiatrist.

In her husband’s filing on Oct. 31, 2012, Day accused Davis of having “sexual relations with Attorney General of the State of Arkansas Dustin McDaniel in 2011 or 2012.”

Day also accuses Davis of additional sexual relations with other men as well as drug use and money laundering.

In response to the request for admissions, Davis said the accusations were “irrelevant to the issues before the court” and were asked “solely to harass and annoy.”

McDaniel released this statement today: “With respect to Ms. Davis, I met her during the 2010 campaign. I had limited interaction with her in 2011, some of which I regret to say was inappropriate. I have no knowledge of the other allegations contained in this pleading.


My wife Bobbi and I love each other very much. I have been candid with her about this matter, and with much prayer, we have moved on with our life together. I hope the people of Arkansas will also accept my apology and know how honored I am to work for them everyday.”

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Apology accepted Mr McDaniel...



I don't like seeing politicians taken down by this sort of thing, but if it'll keep this guy out of the governor's office, I'll take it.

Wide open race now

Governor Bebee is term limited. Attorney General McDaniel can't keep his pants on. State Tresurer Martha Shoffner is under legal investigation. Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr can't balance his own checkbook. Secretary of State Mark Martin is an incompetent clown. So much for the constitional office holders. The joys of term limits. Any adults want to be governor in 2014? Maybe Womack will come home.

monkey business

"wide open race now" every top official seems to be in some sort of trouble in little rock so when you mention womack "coming home", its makes me wonder why would he want to be in the middle of that mess in little rock? sad display of conduct for people who are elected by the people to do the business of the people but they appear to be more interested in monkey business!

Welcome to the governor's

Welcome to the governor's mansion Asa!


Sorry but he's busy rounding up a heavily armed NRA-sanctioned posse to guard the 99,000 public schools around the nation. Meanwhile our eviscerated mental health services in Arkansas limp on. Maybe Jack Swink will run for governor so we can all be more like Jonesboro.