Raiders of the Lost Parks

In a nutshell, the decision to build the larger park, is a decision guarded by fiduciary responsibilities.  While Ramsey Jr. High students appealing to the board make for a great photo opportunity, the results at the polls trumps all.  The aquatic park passed with about 64% of the vote; the vote for fire/parks improvements passed with about 75%

When setting up bond financing for one-half the aquatic park project, a maximum spend was set by the voters.  Could a higher maximum been approved?  Probably, but what was presented to the voters was voted on by the voters.  The people voted for what they felt was a maximum price to pay.

The voters that day also approved fire and park improvement funds.  The voters were told their tax dollars would support a complete laundry list of projects and after reviewing that list, it resoundingly passed.  Here's what they were told the money would finance:   You might notice that financing the rest of the aquatic center was not one of them; only paying for its operating costs/shortfall.  Five city parks were identified to the voters as needing maintenance and improvements as they were in decline due to current budget under funding.  While apparently they will still get fluffed, the Chaffee Crossing ballfields will take the powder.  Aren't these the ballfields approved by the board because they would bring an influx of visitors spending money at our restaurants, gas stations, motels and shops?

Diverting funds away from their intended purpose is not fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities.  Neither is delaying promised projects that passed voter scrutiny.  Making rushed decisions and making decisions with only a verbal assurance of profitability is not fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities. 
Not searching or exploring other means of funding, like state and foundation grants, naming opportunities and concession leasing, is not fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities.

I believe the marketing slogan used to pass the fire/park improvement tax was called, "Progress ic as Promised"   How ironic.


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Fulfilling Fiduciary Responsibilities

Diverting funds away from intended purposes as promised to the voters is not only "not fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities" but is called lying to the people in my book and Our City Administrator has a long history of this behavior. Do you remember when he promised the Chamber of Commerce and other people that no earnings from the Convention Center would be moved to other city accounts? It seems that about 5 million dollars of convention center earnings earned their wings and ended up, who knows where?

What is the real problem?

I would imagine it will be awhile before there's a glitch in financing for something old in this town and you start two blogs complaining about it. For instance what most people see at the West End park is a ferris wheel they can ride on but it seems like what you see is an antique that goes around in a circle. Not everybody likes what you do and almost no one likes it as much.


Basically a Fiduciary responsibility requires the safeguarding of assets and getting the most "bang for the buck" as a matter of Trust. Losing money through waste and mismanagement is irresponsible if not egregious. A majority of voters, which is still a minority of the total number of those other non-voting citizens/eligible voters, have given-up. The small and insufficiently representative group remaining is cited as justification for fiscal shenanigans. So, don't cry about the majority when they vote with their feet.....fleeing as fast as they can from our very own "Gomorrah of government" in the land of the lost Ark,72901.

Other shenanigans might include

semi-secretly wanting most of the money to always be directed only towards certain favorite projects and as mentioned only a few people are still in there really trying. From time to time it inevitably happens though, the same game gets played too long and somebody figures it out. It's one thing to not like a situation but it's another to see it as an opportunity. It's time to pull together for what's best as a city, rather than only part of it.

Shenanigans Maybe

Most people in the community do pull together for "what's best for the city" but the difficulty seems to be in trying to convince some of our top city leaders to sing the same song as the choir! Me,Me,Me is very close to We,We,We but a very different tune!

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