The Growing Threat From The Fort Smith Police Chief

*THE FORT SMITH "NEWS"PAPER EDITOR ( THE TIMES RECORD )BLUNTLY REFUSED TO PUBLISH THIS LETTER TO THE EDITOR* When Fort Smith Police Chief Kevin Lindsey first came here from Missouri my family and I were one of his more ardent supporters, calling our Directors, Mayor, local & national radio talk shows, and signing petitions. I, like many long time fellow Fort Smith residents, believed he would bring much needed change and equal protection. Something has changed but it has been for the worse, and protection here is not equal . Last year as my family and I returned to our local motel room we witnessed a large tattooed man beating a small woman bloody in a room doorway floor; I intervened to stop what we thought was a murder in progress and called police. The victim fled before FSPD arrived and I was arrested (for "Assault" on the man), forced to post bail, and we endured serious hardship which still haunts us. The assailant was not arrested. I learned from the bondsman that what happened to me has become very common here. Charges were dropped months later but the damage has been done and my family and I are considering our future. Under chief Lindsey, and the guise of "public safety", our local police department has become a paramilitary force unconcerned with civil liberties. Whistleblowers are routinely fired and less-glamorous but dangerous policy changes go unnoticed by an already burdened citizenry and a local media known for its "rubber stamp" approach to issues related to all things law enforcement. I write this solely as a conscience matter ; valid concerns about retaliation have kept me from speaking up. I now hope only for more awareness by my neighbors and ask for prayer. Thank you. Noah Steffy.

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Red Herring

It seems the same Editor also called one of the Quorum Court members a "red Herring" in a newspaper article because he questioned the Water Park quality of construction and the super inflated cost to the taxpayers. Can you imagine being called a "red Herring" by the editor for just doing your job when one should be asking if the newspaper editor is doing an honest job of reporting the facts to the public? The City Wire was the only news source that exposed the 2 to 3 million dollars in extra costs on the project and also exposed the fact that people who worked for the water park construction company were charged with paying about 2 million dollars in bribes to get construction jobs.

The Chief and The Boss

The chief works directly under the direction of the City Administrator and the City Administrator works under the direction of the BOD and the BOD report to the people! Sounds great but it does not really seem to work that way.

Lindsey did stop a lot of crime in my neighborhood

that had been going on for decades prior to his arrival. I've witnessed the police having to deal with people which has included their arrest and they weren't overly aggressive nor did I see them do anything that appeared out of place in the situation. I'm probably wrong but I thought somebody had to be there at some point to charge another person with assault.

Not Skeptical

Sometimes mom and dad hire a baby sitter and escape to a motel for a few hours together away from home! Sounds pretty normal to me and very romantic to boot!

Not Quite

He said "as my family and I returned to our local motel room" not my wife and I. It definitely appears that skeptical was right and your post is gibberish.

Sorry but this reminds me of online petitons

where for instance it says 'Jane Doe needs to be freed from prison because she only bludgeoned the guy to death after he forced her into a life of prostitution.' Not making light of the possible situation but I quit signing the things after I realized there might be more to it than what they say.

The Rest of The Story

Willing to bet that there is a whole lot more to this story and it really is odd that the "letters to the editor" person at the newspaper refused to print the letter. There appears to be some control in reporting because "letters to the editor" is listed as public opinion and its really not public opinion if the script is edited and the editor only prints letters that agree with their mind set! I have heard many complaints that people who have written letters to the editor have been advised that their letter would not be printed unless sentences are removed that are critical of city officials.

The Real Story

Statistics tell the real story about crime in the city. Is crime up or down? Major crimes up or down? Minor crimes up or down? This information will disclose the real facts of the issue and the issue regarding the editor of the paper is of great concern because the people deserve to get the real facts and opinions of people without someone controlling comment nature.

Northside Law and Order

We are positively impressed with FSPD community service and apprehension of criminals under Chief Lindsay's tenure. Community service officers introduced themselves when we first moved into the neighborhood asking for us to be the eyes and ears for the Police as they fought crime. We proudly assisted over several months and numerous "busts" were made. After 2 years of intermittent drug trafficking, domestic abuse, vandalism and petty crime along with an occasional assault in the neighborhood, things have been quiet for over 2 years now. The crooks and the indifferent rental landlords have gotten the message. More working families with well dressed children have replaced crackheads, parolees and petty drug dealers as residents. This in a neighborhood surrounding Howard Elementary and a pre-school. Stray dogs are dramatically fewer in number as well. It is a joy to watch the kids go to and from school without worrying what is lurking around the corner, in the alleyway, next door or in their own home. Thank You FSPD, we salute your Chief.

More or Less

"hope for more awareness by my neighbors" and "ask for prayer" is not gibberish by any stretch of words so what is the problem? Why were the charges dropped a few months later if they were legitimate? There appears to be a whole lot more to this story and maybe Noah S. is telling the story as he sees it so just maybe it is a fact because charges are not routinely dropped if there is a good chance of conviction. Maybe the wrong person was arrested and mistakes were made so the prosecutor did the right thing.

Clean Up Crew

its true that most prosecutors are good decent people who must decide if the evidence is strong enough to get a conviction and if mistakes were made during an arrest, it is the duty of the prosecutor to clean up the mess and drop the charges. Do agree that there is a whole lot more to this story and wish more facts were forthcoming. If we believe the words of N.S. he was arrested for just being a good Samaritan and coming to the aid of a citizen who was in serious trouble.

Good Report

When the neighborhood citizens and police pull together, good things will happen. Nice comment D.D.

All it takes is one patient concerned citizen

It is disappointing that it's usually always the same one person who calls police, fire or inspection officials. We should be very appreciative that our first responders do not consider the "one" party a nuisance and a crackpot. It has been our my experience that first responders take their job seriously. For instance, my dogs were agitated around 4 am one early morning the first week of the 2014. They were focused on a spot across the alleyway. After about 20 minutes I called the FSPD. Within 10 minutes a patrol SUV with spot lights panning the area slowly inspected the alleyway and around the block. My dogs were still agitated in the house until the police vehicle was out of sight. I let the 3 large dogs out to check the fenceline. They found nothing and quickly returned to the comfort of inside the house. Whatever was out there was gone. There have been squatters under porches and in vacant houses in the past. Perhaps it was again. Either way, a Police presence is all that is needed most of the time to defuse a situation before it becomes a problem. Thank You FSPD.

A lighted sign on top of their car saying 'drug dealer'

would have likely gone unnoticed way back before Lindsey and also when the FSPD promoted to some degree by marriage. Parked on the wrong side of the street, car left running, the driver door open, the radio booming, and it's the fifth car that did it this hour. Little did I realize as I scratched my head back then was that these guys are nothing but wasted money in the pen.