Sen. Pryor gets endorsement from Arkansas teachers' union

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U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., received the endorsement of the state’s largest teachers’ union, the Arkansas Education Association, on Saturday (April 26). Brenda Robinson, president of the AEA, said Pryor was a “strong advocate” for public education.

“The Arkansas Education Association is proud to recommend the re-election of Senator Mark Pryor to represent the great state of Arkansas,” Robinson said. “Mark believes that we have the responsibility to our seniors, our veterans and, most importantly, to our children. He has worked steadily to make higher education more accessible for Arkansas students by reducing the federal student loan rate and increasing funding for pell grants. He also supports raising teachers’ salaries to keep and attract the best educators.”

The AEA endorsement is not a major surprise. The teachers’ union frequently endorses Democratic candidates in many contested general election match-ups. It recently endorsed Democrat Mike Ross in the Arkansas Governor’s race.

Pryor touted votes for Title I funding, which boosts spending in school districts with low income students. He also cited his support for special education programs, trade and job-based education, and student loan money.

He singled out votes made by Cotton – his Republican Senate challenger – by highlighting Pell Grant cuts, budget votes that curtailed Head Start funding, and reduced school lunch program dollars.

“When you look at Congressman Cotton’s record on education, it is very different. Earlier this month, he voted to cut $145 billion in education funding. Last year, Congressman Cotton said he wanted to eliminate the government student loan program, even though those are the very same student loans that helped him go to college,” said Pryor.

Cotton’s campaign offered response comments from his mother, Avis, who has worked in the state’s public school system for four decades.


“As a 40-year educator in the public school system, I know that Tom Cotton is the best candidate for voters who care deeply about education,” said Avis Cotton. “Tom is a product of Arkansas public schools and wants to ensure that all of our children get the best education possible. He believes we can do that by making our public schools as strong as they can be and by giving parents the flexibility and opportunity to make decisions that are best for their children.”

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Pryor best bet for higher teacher salaries

Why don't we go ahead and cut straight to the chase scene on this one. How many people actually believe a teachers union would be for a candidate, even if he quadrupled the money spent on students, if he also stated their salaries would be on hold?

Flunk civics?

The US Senate has nothing to do with setting teacher's salaries. That is a function of the local school board and the Arkansas legislature.

Flunk common sense?

I bet the Arkansas legislature looks at how much money they have first. I would do connect the dots for you if I thought it would help.

Grants From The Fed

Do Federal Grants to the State for education enable School Districts to retain more disposable revenue that can be used for Teacher salary increases?

Fed Grants Do Enable, But Never Enough

Federal Grants may enable School Districts to do spend more, but apparently not enough. The State legislators recently voted to SUBSIDIZE Teachers Healthcare premiums, costing the hardworking taxpayers $41 million so far, but heard it will be over $100 million later this year. Of course the AEA is a very large special interest group, so the gap widens between private sector and public employees.

Big Trouble for Pryor

"you can keep your health care plan if you like it and you can keep your doctor if you like him" It seems that 70% of Arkansas voters will remember those words at the polls!

I don't think so

I think you're wrong. I think they will remember Cotton's votes on the farm bill, Medicare, Social Security, student loans, disaster aid, domestic violence legislation. They might remember Cotton taking a day off from Congress to go raise money in Texas, or raising money directly from the U. S. Capitol building or even taking money from Club for Growth, but you never know.


I am shocked to see the AEA endorse Mark Pryor! Shocked I tell you! Just out of curiosity, have they ever endorsed a Republican? I cannot think of any.

Pryor is a horrible choice

I am surprised to hear that anyone in Arkansas has endorsed Mark Pryor considering he was one of the deciding votes on the Obama Care Tax! If you love Obama and what he has done to America and especially our children then by all means vote for Pryor because he went right along with Obama. I will NOT vote for Pryor, I am going with Tom Cotton!

Way Down Yonder

in the land of Cotton we will never forget our Pryor Senator that sold out our personal health care system.

short sighted cotton

You live in the state with the highest infant mortality rate and the highest teen pregnancy rate. Your choice is baffling, but certainly yours to make. Congratulations.

Infant mortality improvement and being and pro abortion

are two very important items with the Democrats.

You Can't Blame

Its baffling that you would blame Cotton for the 12 year record of Pryor that represents a state with "the highest infant mortality rate and the highest teen pregnancy rate". Surely you admit that its time for a change because Pryor no longer represents Arkansas people and Arkansas Teacher values.

Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln

It appears that Mark and Blanche made the same mistakes in not following the will of the people that voted them into office because Arkansas people do not like Washington politics and out of control spending of taxpayer dollars.

both are just pandering...

to their bases. Nothing original or unique from either one. The middle independents are waiting for either person to put their neck out on an innovative creative, risky idea to help Arkansas in the areas they need help (ECONOMY?!? anyone not from NWA?) and all we get are the absolutely predictable ads from both, the special interests groups from out of state swamping up with crap on both sides, and 6 more months of this mess. If you want to win, then go after the middle. I mean seriously. If you "offend" someone on the extreme left or right because you slid towards the middle, do you REALLY expect them to flip to the other candidate?

The Chief Is Coming

Pryor appears to be in serious trouble so here comes B.O. with a boatload of money for disaster relief to help turn the tide of the election. The Democrats desperately need Pryor to win to save their majority in the Senate so they are pulling out all the Big Guns to try to save the Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi era of Senate control and big spending. Will it work?

Its So Nice

to see the guy do something good after 6 years of doing nothing to help Arkansas so "come on down" to Razorback Country and see how the real folks live. My bet is that the trip will not save Pryor or change any opinions about his failure to keep his promises.