If Allegations of Overbilling & Overpaying Are True, We Have A Very Serious Problem!

If the allegations are true, of any person, the city administrator, director of accounting, or anyone in the city attorney's office, is guilty of illegal activity, in regards to taxpayer's money, should not only resign, but be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



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Corruption and Questions

Thank you Mr. Swink for exposing what we all have suspected was going on with Fort Smith City Management for many years. This administration under the current City Administrator cannot be trusted with anything that involves tax dollars or being transparent with the people of the city and we all know that there are millions of dollars in waste in the construction of the new water park, the convention center that has been a sewer of waste for many years, and now we find that the City Attorney may have been living big from over billing for services. When will someone ask for a Federal Investigation into these practices or maybe a Grand Jury? It would not be fair to ask local law enforcement to investigate because the police chief reports to the city administrator and the city attorney. It may be time to ask the Feds to do a real investigation into our city government that can't seems to stay off the scandal page and uses intimidation and fear to rule.

Credit where due

Pardon me, but Jack still hasn't done anything but complain. The credit for exposing this city scam as well as the Altes story goes first to Matt Campbell and the Blue Hog report and then also to the City Wire for bringing it local. No other local news stations would bother publishing or pursuing real news but Tilley and the City Wire did, kudos belong there.

Blame Jack For Speaking Truth?

Jack has a full time job to support his family but the taxpayers are paying over 270 million dollars per year to have the city run honestly and efficiently so why would you expect anything from Jack other than try to expose corruption? Agreed, Tilley and The City wire deserve "Kudos" for having the courage to tell the truth, Attorney Campbell deserves "Kudos" for his tenacity in exposing the suspected fraud, and shame on the other news sources for not getting the story out to the public. Where was the BOD, the Fort Smith Accounting Department, the Internal Auditor, and others who are paid by the TAXPAYERS to expose the TRUTH? The people are paying the City Manager about 200,000 dollars per year to manage and administrate so lets not expect anyone else to do his job!

Let's call a pig a pig

Now let's get real. Matt Campbell's go to jab is always accusing politicians of being self serving. The guy has a pending lawsuit against the city & simply uses his blog to try influencing folks to see things his way in his case. Probably a wise decision. I'm not sure the guy actually has ever won a jury trial in his life. He's no hero if you ask me. Just a nosey guy getting a much needed ego boost any way he can. He'll fizzle out very, very soon I'd bet my life.

Give people some authority, leave them alone,

and they almost always screw things up over money. It would take awhile to find a place where city officials have been more left alone than here. It's not great that an outsider (do I still say this?) is doing it but bonafide insiders are usually afraid to even come near things like this in the fort. The alternative is nothing ever happens to fix things that are wrong.

Hey Michael

Hate to call people names but if the shoe fits-------Matt Campbell is a fine attorney and has an excellent track record but its my guess that you are getting some of the free stuff that Matt is talking about and you don't want to lose it! Go Hogs whooooo pig!

Thanks Jack

The more people look at the Gosack administration the more they will find and question. Wam Bam and Scam seems to be the business of the day and let not forget that his highness Kevin Settle convinced the BOD to promote this guy when the past track record of failures did not support a promotion. One must wonder why TV news, our so called Newspaper have not even said one word about this possible scandal and my hat is off to Jack and The City Wire for letting the public know about these claims of City Leader misconduct. Call in the Feds because the people have a right to know if their city leaders can be trusted.

You wonder or...you basically know?

"If somebody would jump out a fourth story window of ------ hospital here and they didn't want it told..you wouldn't read a thing in the world about it in this town." approx 1960 by a woman who lived in Ft Smith since 1913.

No Money

Wasn't it Gosack who claimed that the City did not have enough money to pay for TV Broadcasts of city BOD meetings? Maybe all the money was going to the City Attorney for who knows what. Call in the Federal Authorities.


This latest debacle is only the tip of the iceberg. The S.S. Fort Smith (Titanic) has already struck and is taken on water from the dirty money laundry wash. She won't sink but will capsize stuck in a Riverfront sandbar for all to see her underbelly before it's all finished. Ft. Smith is dying a slow death. Do Not Resuscitate?

Scandal After Scandal

Forensic audits of city spending should be conducted by an authority with subpoena power and a Grand Jury should be called to hear all the facts. Its the only way to give confidence back to the people that city accounting is correct and city leaders can be trusted. It my sincere hope that all is well but the lack of transparency and double talk in this administration is cause for concern.

tick tock

A doctor's office on Rogers Avenue would always have some clever sayings on a message board. My favorite was, "you don't have to have a memory if you always tell the truth." Tomorrow marks the 10th unanswered day since this story hit the news. Times up.

So do something about it!

Run for office on the board. Challenge it in open meetings. I agree that this needs to be investigated, but I'm tired of all the message board bravado with no action.

Tired Too But

The City Wire is doing what it was created to do by providing space for comments and questions from the taxpayers but the real question is, where are the people who are paid to investigate suspected fraud and misuse of taxpayer money? Have not seen any "bravado", only people who have legitimate questions about how their tax dollars may be mismanaged.

More To Come

The word is that there is a much bigger scandal coming that will be exposed by a whistleblower. Stay tuned for details that will rock the boat and more.

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