Allegations Are City Attorney Jerry Canfield Lied About Phone Calls.

And the question is, Is Ray

Gosack satisfied with Jerry Canfield's Responses?

Do All Board Members Support the Over billing and Overpaying As A Normal Course of Business, or Will Any Board Member Act on Behalf of the Working Folks and Demand a Real Investigation?

Incidentally, the FBI is presently investigating Corruption Allegations against West Fork City Officials.

Change is needed downtown.  Change won't come until the top official is elected by the people and accountable to the people, not just a few.  Also, maybe the city attorney should be an elected position, along with the city clerk and possibly a director of finance.  When those serving are accountable to the voters, the system works better for all the people.

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Be Very Careful Jack

Fort Smith City Leaders have a history of attacking individuals and business who have the tenacity to speak out about corruption and mismanagement in their circles and we all know how the chief enforcer protects the inner circle. It my bet that not even the new City Wire will have the nerve to print this comment but every taxpayer in the city should pay keen attention to the lawsuit filed by Little Rock attorney Matt Campbell regarding the city attacks on whistleblowers, overbilling by friends of city leaders, and people who just want their constitutional rights protected.


We must change our form of government to move this city forward because what we have now is not working.

Lost Cause

Jack, why martyrdom for a lost cause like Fort Smith? There are so many other promising towns to resettle to where civic participation and pride are encouraged.

horses of different colors

Ironically, a poster named Bryan dared to support the library millage increase and look what happened afterwards. The group in here is no different.

If you read the pdf for this weeks meeting..

..there's a comparison made between legal and engineering charges to try to justify costs. Not sure if that was a great idea after one engineering firm was wanting 5x as much (and apparently usually getting it) to design a ball field and concession area. Hard to believe but this is the same town that will have people out there blowing on your water meter if you don't use it for a couple months.

Same Town

Are you saying that contracts awarded by the city have nothing to do with being good stewards of taxpayer money?

Its just So Easy

to spend taxpayer money in Fort Smith because nobody is accountable for their spending. It was reported that the City Administrator and the County Judge wasted 2 million dollars on the water park to get less value for the taxpayers because they did not want to admit that they made a mistake and they snow jobbed the BOD into buying into a possible shady deal.

Milking The Cow

Water parks, engineering firms, water usage rates, library, and now law firms are milking the taxpayer cow with no resistance from the city CEO.

Does this happen much?

I feel a measure of admiration that you spoke up like this, because not everyone will take that risk. A nod of mutual concern re: the comment about martyrdom. I know I'm not alone now in wondering how this will play out - for you, for others who see the situation, for the city, and for the people of Arkansas at large.

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