TeleTech to open Jonesboro center, create up to 600 jobs

Denver-based TeleTech Holdings announced Thursday (July 17) it will open a call center in Jonesboro that will initially employ 150 but could expand up to 600 jobs. The center will be TeleTech’s second Arkansas operation following the recent opening of a 250-job center in Sherwood.

The opening of the Jonesboro site is scheduled for August of this year.
“With an existing TeleTech site in Sherwood and a new site in Jonesboro, we are expanding our footprint in Arkansas,” said Ken Tuchman, chairman and chief executive officer of TeleTech. “The new Jonesboro site will be integral to TeleTech’s continued growth, particularly within the healthcare vertical, a complicated industry that requires an exceptional customer experience.”
TeleTech is actively hiring for its new Jonesboro site, which will support a leading healthcare insurance company. TeleTech is specifically looking to hire customer experience representatives, team leads, trainers, recruiters, technical assistance and IT specialists, operations managers and facilities staff.
“As a global company with locations worldwide, we are focused on hiring the best talent in the world to serve our clients. We have been extremely impressed with the strong workforce in Central and Northeast Arkansas and we look forward to growing our relationship in this region,” said Todd Baxter, SVP of Global Operations at TeleTech. “We are excited to join the Jonesboro community and are committed to a continued partnership with the state of Arkansas.”
TeleTech, founded in 1982, is a leading global provider of analytics-driven, technology-enabled services. The Company offers an integrated platform that combines analytics, strategy, process, systems integration, technology and operations to support customer service for Global 1000 clients and their customers.

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Jonesboro trumps Fort Smith

Jonesboro trumps Fort Smith again with a Tele Tech call center that could employ up to 600. Great news for Jonesboro that seems to have all the right things in place to promote job growth.


Jonesboro hasn't trumped FS even once! This "call center" pays barely minimum wage and will attract MAYBE 600 of those "tech" jobs. They can have them. We will rejoice in our ARCBest corporate jobs AND our Osteopathic Medical School jobs. These will produce many more high paying jobs for the FS region and will attract support businesses with similar jobs and salaries.

Let's Be Fair, Jonesboro Has The Numbers!

According to, Fort Smith has a median Household income of $35,989 and a median house value of $107,500. Jonesboro has a median Household income of $43,353 and a median house value of $133,800. Both are 2012 numbers. Does this mean Jonesboro has better paying jobs or each household works more jobs? Personally, I think Fort Smith has a work force that works as hard as Jonesboro, but doesn't make as much. And if I may add, Jonesboro still has a lower sales tax, citizens inside city limits do not pay for trash removal and water rates are cheaper in Jonesboro. Therefore Jonesboro residents make more and get to keep more of the money they work hard for.


If those numbers are correct, Jonesboro household income is over 20% better than Fort Smith and Jonesboro home values are 25% better than Fort Smith. Thanks for getting the real facts out Mr. Swink because it seems the Fort Smith City hall spin doctors are working full time to distort facts again.

What if?

If they only had you Jack! If I lived in a town that consistently failed to meet my expectations and knowing that paradise is 5 hours away why not hit the road, Jack?

Wait One Minute

Any Jobs created are positive for a community and 600 jobs created at just 10 dollars per hour could add up to 100 million dollars in economic impact to a community. Just ask any merchant or store owner in Fort Smith if they would like to see 100 million dollars of extra spending in their establishments.

I like Jonesboro, and I'm

I like Jonesboro, and I'm even one of those apostates that root for the Red Wolves instead of the Razorbacks, but saying that a call center that "might" add 600 jobs trumps FS is a major stretch. The recent ARcBest and DO school announcements are a much bigger feather in the cap, period.